Bad Turned Good – Must Read Story


Bad turned into Good – Must read story
For home work I was required to make a drawing of a flight of stairs. I finished it, and just as I ws putting away the ink, a blot dropped right in the middle of the picture. It was too late to draw another. I felt so discouraged, I burst into tears.
My mother, hearing of the trouble said gently, “Don’t worry, the ink blot looks just like a black patch on the side of the terrier, all you have to do is draw a dog around it. Don’t get easily discouraged, honey. Often it only needs a little grit and imagination to turn the bad into good. Remember, few things are as hopeless as they seem at first.

I sketch a dog around the ink blot. The next day, my picture was voted “best” in class.“You see what a little imagination will do,” the teacher said. “The little fox terrier just completes a good drawing.

When  things go wrong, I always remember that patched terrier.  – Ma’am Dahl

Source: 1000 Stories You can use. Vol 2 by Frank Mihalic 1982.


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