Tips for Studying for a Midterm Exam

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1. Clean Out Your Locker
Why? It seems crazy, right? This great list of tips for studying starts with a clean-out of your locker? Yep! It does! You probably have piles of miscellaneous papers, notes and quizzes filling up your locker at the end of the nine weeks. Homework gets jammed behind the books, assignments get stuck on the bottom, and all of your projects get squished somewhere in between. You’re going to need those things to prep for that midterm, so going through it first makes total sense.

How? Start by emptying everything out of your locker into your backpack except for the books you don’t need that night for homework. Yes, your backpack will be heavy. No, you can’t skip this step. When you get home, toss the gum wrappers, old food and anything broken. Go through all of those loose papers, assignments and quizzes arranging them by subject into piles. Put them all in the folders or binders for each class neatly. You’ll need them for studying!

2. Organize Your Binder

Why? You have to have your binder organized for class so you’ll know if you’re missing anything pertinent to the midterm. Let’s say your teacher has given you a review guide, and on it, you’re expected to know the list of terms for chapter three. However, you have no idea where your notes are for chapter three because you loaned them to a “friend” and he hasn’t given them back. See? It makes sense to organize everything prior to studying so you know what you need to locate.

How? If you didn’t do this at the beginning of the year, or have gone astray from your organization at this point, get on track by arranging your binder by content. Put all your quizzes under one tab, notes under another, handouts under another, etc. Group according to content, so you’ll easily be able to grab whatever you need.

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3. Create a Study Schedule

Why? Creating a study schedule is key for getting a good grade on your midterm, but it’s one of the tips for studying that kids often overlook. Don’t miss it!

How? Start by checking out your calendar and figuring out how many days you have prior to your midterm. Then, set aside 45 minutes to an hour each day prior to the test, using time you’d usually spend watching TV or messing around on the computer. If you only have one night, you’ll have to block off more time than that.

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